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““Their competences go far beyond IT - they have become an important partner for us. (…)

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Localisation and vehicle flow management systems

Sensor based tracking/ monitoring of people and assets

Supply and asset management systems

Access control applications

Apps connecting field employees to central databases

We create custom systems to boost safety and operational efficiency


// Bluetooth (incl. beacons)

// GPS


// IMU - inertial measurement unit

// LPR - license plate recognition

We use technologies such as:

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We deliver for customers from different verticals

Mobility & logistics


Business & management



Example projects

Access control and vehicle flow management application for the Harbour of Gdansk

  • 4 minutes to 4 seconds – the solution sped up harbour entrance time by 98%
  • All information about the vehicles available easily in one application
  • First functioning version of the system delivered in 3 months
  • The management panel displays statistics that help define points for further improvement

Car park management system at Norwegian airports and private parking lots for Sesam Sesam

  • 8 million visits handled by the system in 2018
  • Effective integration with a wide range of technologies and devices (RFID, DSRC, uPASS and license plate recognition cameras and systems)
  • Automated payment collection integrated with the most popular payment operator in Norway
  • User friendly applications for drivers, managers and support employees

SaaS application ecosystem for project planning, resource management, and documentation handling for ABAX

  • 34 500 construction, logistic and other companies using the applications on daily basis
  • Smart use of mobile and localisation technologies
  • Apple watch app prototype
  • Architecture based on microservices

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What we do

SaaS development

Web applications

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

IoT systems in logistics, localisation and tracking, access control

Product design and validation

Technological audit with recommendations

We specialise in putting together software, hardware, and the newest communication technologies to create value for business in new ways

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